What we want to be

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as world-class leaders in structural steel, known for our ability to deliver any project to the highest possible standards.

What we set out to achieve

Our mission

As ambitious, innovative leaders in a demanding and ever-developing industry, we will use our collective strengths and resources to build the capacity required to deliver the structures of the future.

What defines us

Our values


There's a reason it's known as 'safety first'. We make no apologies for the fact that profit and loss, deadlines and headlines all come second to making sure everyone goes home safely every day.

Customer focus

Our clients are paramount in all that we do. We are here to understand their requirements and meet their aspirations. Together we will deliver projects of which we can all be proud.


We operate in a complex and challenging industry, one that often requires innovative thinking and a flexible approach to deliver successful outcomes. The one thing we'll never compromise on is our integrity, which ensures we're able to maintain the exceptionally high standards we set for ourselves.


We may move with the times, but our long and rich history means that we have a few old-fashioned beliefs. One of those beliefs is that you stand by your word. When Severfield say we'll deliver, whatever challenges lie ahead, you can depend on us to deliver, and to the highest possible standards.

What we do

Our business model




We manage every aspect of the fabrication and construction process, from initial scheme design, through detailing, specification and manufacture to the eventual handover to our clients of a quality product on-site.

Who we serve


Our state-of-the-art facilities provide steel structures which serve people every day, whether for work, leisure or travel, or to provide essential services, including power and energy, health and education. We have extensive experience in multiple market sectors, which supports the business through changes in spending patterns and fluctuations in macroeconomic conditions.

How we will achieve our vision

Our strategy

Our strategy revolves around five main elements. This is aided by our business improvement programme, 'Smarter, Safer, more Sustainable'.






Where we do it

Our Group

Severfield (UK),

Dalton, North Yorkshire and Lostock, Lancashire

Severfield (Design & Build),

Sherburn and Dalton, North Yorkshire

Severfield (NI),

Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh

Severfield (Products & Processing),

Sherburn and Dalton, North Yorkshire

JSW Severfield Structures

Mumbai, India

Composite Metal Flooring

Monmouthshire, Wales

How we manage threat

Our risks

Risk management is at the heart of how the business is run and supports the Group's strategic objectives. We have identified nine principal risks and uncertainties which have the potential to impact the Group's business model and strategy.

How we measure success

Our KPIs

We use a combination of financial and non-financial key performance indicators ('KPIs') to measure our progress in delivering our strategic priorities.

How we govern ourselves

Our governance

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and ensuring that values and behaviours are consistent across our businesses. We encourage open and honest discussion and constructive challenge across the Group to ensure that best practice is maintained. This culture is integral to our business model and strategy and for the benefit of our shareholders. Our KPIs for profitability, accident frequency rate ('AFR') and cash flow generation are linked to our performance share plan and annual incentive arrangements to ensure that the remuneration of our directors is aligned with our strategic priorities.

How we impact on society

Resources and relationships

There are four main areas where our business model impacts on society and where we have responsibilities that extend beyond financial performance.