Wimbledon, London


The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC)

Main contractor

Sir Robert McAlpine


Thornton Tomasetti





Completion date

April 2019

The redevelopment of No. 1 Court at Wimbledon is part of a multi-million pound project by The All England Lawn Tennis Club.

The project will deliver a new bespoke roof system comprising both fixed and retractable components, similar to the one installed on Centre Court by Severfield in 2009, increase the seating capacity to c.12,400 as well as redeveloping the hospitality facilities and public plaza. This will transform the stadium into a grass court arena capable of guaranteed play in all weather conditions. Planned over a three-year period with two breaks in the site activities to accommodate the dates of the tournament, the project is expected to be complete in time for the 2019 Championships.

The main feature of the project is the unique retractable roof which envelops the distinctive structure of No.1 Court, just below the slopes of Henman Hill. The project includes the installation of a new fixed roof, to support the moving elements of the retractable roof, and a structural steel mainframe with pre-cast concrete terracing to house the seating areas.

For the fixed roof, Severfield has installed five large truss units to support the complex inner roof structure. These trusses were installed in manageable-sized sections using our own temporary works system to support the new roof during construction. These large trusses are then connected by the inner roof, comprising a braced lattice structure cantilevering off the large trusses and fixed by a tension ring at the innermost portion of the roof.

The retractable roof has tested our design, fabrication and construction capabilities. Its moving components include 11 trusses, measuring c.75 metres in length and weighing over 90 tonnes each. These highly-technical components were pre-assembled on two practice courts before being gradually lowered onto the inner roof structure.

The project has utilised the Group's other services including the 'Seversafe' edge protection system and Severfield has also provided over 81,000 square feet of metal decking and 21,500 shear studs.